We are a group of creatives and developers who propose solutions to various problems involving technology and communication!

Create one responsive websiteflyer, business card or one app it is not a simple matter to fill a document with information, images, videos and make it beautiful.

They are created with a specific purpose and each one of its elements must be considered: clarity about what one wants to communicate, pleasant appearance and consistent with the message to be transmitted, ease of finding the site in search tools (SEO), the experience (UX), Content and Visual Communication.

Still depending on the purpose, one should consider techniques for lead generation, keyword strategies (Keywords and Tags) for digital campaigns, responsiveness or the need to build specific versions for different devices. Anyway, the depth of the current process demands, depending on the objective, much more than having a website on “easy” development platforms.

THE Evolving Minds works together with the client to understand their needs and proposes the appropriate solutions for each case.



Evolving Minds provides relevant services to its customers. All solutions, whether a Responsive Website, Application or Print, are strategically created and developed always looking for the most economical and adequate solution to the client's needs.

Responsive Website

Nowadays, more than 60% of Internet accesses are made through smartphones, so it is essential to have a suitable website for viewing on them. We develop informational sites, eCommerce, hotsites, institutional sites, social networks, online catalogs, service guides and online tools.


There are currently more than 230 million smartphones in use in Brazil. Having your brand on the home screen of these devices is an excellent way to get ahead of your competitors. We offer our customers hybrid applications (made in ionics or webapp) or native for iOS and Android, as needed.


Even in an increasingly digital world, print media is still an excellent way to reach your audience with targeted communication. We create flyers, posters, folders, banners, business cards and other printed matter. We take care of the creation and production, with the material delivered to the address of your choice.


Just developing a website does not guarantee access, being necessary to employ a website construction strategy for indexing by search tools (SEO) combined with positioning campaigns on sites like Google and BIng, using resources like AdWords. We create, monitor and generate return reports on SEM / SEO actions.

Social networks

The use of social networks is widespread in our culture, 96% of Brazilians with access to the internet have a profile in one of the available ones. Having your page and a strategy to communicate with your target audience is an excellent form of direct relationship with your customers. We create and manage pages on social networks as needed.


Elaborating the content of a website, application or print, or the communication strategy of a page on social networks is a task that requires a lot of research and assertiveness. Gross grammatical errors can alienate your customers and the lack of objectivity in writing leads to difficulties in understanding the message. We create texts for social networks, websites, blogs and print.


Some pieces developed by us


Interactive ad for Android and iOS tablets developed for your app's advertising campaign. Click on here to see the ad in a new tab.


Interactive infographic for placement on the website of Quatro Rodas magazine. Click on here to see the ad in a new tab.


Interactive infographic for placement on the website of Crescer magazine. Click on here to see the ad in a new tab.


First website of the Netpoints benefits platform, made in html5, css3 and javascript. Click on here to see the website.


Hotsite for Baton chocolate campaign, by Garoto, made in html5 and css3. Click on here to see the website in a new tab.


Website with content manager developed for the Gendai restaurant. Click on here to see the website in a new tab.


Institutional website of the company Mekal Brasil, made in html5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Click on here to see the website in a new tab.


Development of a platform for the SEARA sales force allocated to several retailers, to monitor the action. Click on here to see the website.


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